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Spark plug usage instructions


The contact surface between the spark plug and the gasoline engine must be clean and flat. When installing the spark plug, copper washers must be installed on the spark plug to ensure the tightness of the cylinder. When tightening the spark plug, it is best to use a torque wrench to tighten the spark plug according to the specified torque. If there is no torque wrench, the spark plug can be tightened by hand first, and then the socket wrench can be used to screw 3-4 turns.

When rinsing, dip the spark plug into the gasoline, scrub the dirt with a brush, or gently remove the deposit with a spatula. Do not scrub with a metal brush, nor use a fire method instead of cleaning, so as not to damage the spark plug.

After the spark plug is cleaned and dried, the gap of the spark plug shall be adjusted according to the provisions of the operating instructions of the gasoline engine.

In addition, the spark plug insulator must be kept clean to prevent it from affecting its normal operation.

Under normal circumstances, four-stroke gasoline engine work 100 hours -200 hours, two-stroke gasoline engine work 30 hours -50 hours, it must be disassembled, cleaned, and adjusted spark plug electrode gap.

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